Project Description

Project Airlock is an intercollegiate engineering competition where teams will be designing and prototyping sustainable habitation for colonies without atmospheres.

Our team, UBC Mars Colony, agrees that colonization of Mars presents the complications of a lack of pressure, no breathable atmosphere, extremely cold temperatures, and hazardous perchlorates in the soil. However, this doesn't mean it can't be solved. ​Project Airlock aims to tackle these issues.

By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Project Airlock will challenge university students to establish a multidisciplinary team to design/build a functional airlock for use on Mars.

Phase I (Design) of the competition occurred in May, 2018. Huge thanks and congratulations to all participating teams. Our team formally invites you to Project Airlock: Phase II, regardless of your involvement in Phase I. We have simplified the scope significantly to allow for rapid design and prototyping of a functional airlock. This competition will give you the opportunity to listen in on various airlock designs, engage in conversation about space exploration, and get the chance to network with students from Canada's top engineering schools.